Julie Rawson

Art is a gift that helps us look deeper, express what can not be discussed and seeks beauty in the most unexpected of places.
After juggling a challenging job alongside my artwork, I finally became a full time artist at the end of 2014. My work reflects physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life.
The media I mainly work in is oil on canvas, but I have also worked extensively in wire and have produced many sculptural works as well. My work has been exhibited At the Mall Galleries, London, twice at the Cork Street Gallery in Mayfair, and also at the 20-21 Gallery on several occasions; the Gallery sells my collection of limited editions greeting. I have produced artwork for sets on fashion photographic shoots; these have been used for PR and advertising campaigns, and they have been used by the UK and worldwide press. I have lead art projects in schools and these images can been seen on my Flickr account. I have a body of work for sale and I also produce bespoke
Close up shot of commission for a sculptural chandelier.